Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i decided to create a mood/inspiration board involving a bunch photos and quotes that really inspire me and like. i was stuck at first with what to put on it but then i went through heaps of websites and finally decided what i want to put on it. i don't believe there is a theme to it but all the photo's seem to go together really well.

the photo's above are just a few of the many photo's saved on my computer that i hope to put on my pin board. these include abbey lee kershaw, hippie and carefree photos, art from allison schulnik and ben quilty, also alicia kuczman and her amazing style.

i am really into hippie things and the bohemian style so basically my mood board really reflects this. i can't wait to actually put all the photo's on it!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


cheap monday jeans, sportsgirl tee, (unknown) black transparent cardigen, urban outfitters shoes

I really like the whole black look, although each item is a completely different texture so the outfit isn't too boring! i also like wearing the urban outfitters shoes with this outfit because it gives what i am wearing a little bit of life. 

you are also probably wondering why i am wearing something like this with only 4 days till summer and i will tell you why... because i live in melbourne and one day it soo sunny and the next day it is pouring with rain! hope you are having an incredible weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

also known as ivy

Gillian Zinser plays my favourite character on 90210, IVY. She is just so cool! I also absolutely love her style in and outside the show, her style is quite laidback with a mix of boho and surfy chic. I also love her look, she is so beautiful but also quite tomboyish and i also love her hair. so basically, if you don't  watch 90210, you should definitely start watching it, it is such a great show with so much drama haha


i love this photo of Amy taken by me, i especially like the water splashing all over the place which creates it to be  a really beautiful photo. this photo was actually inspired by a couple of Cass Bird's photo's from the last post, her photography is such an inspiration to my own.

in other news.... summer is only in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

fly like a bird


Cass Bird is an incredible photographer and all of her photo's turn out to be so beautiful and real. I wish i could just post every single photo of hers, but that would be over hundreds so i am just sticking with the ones above. These photos are just a few of my favourites. The colouring and texture of the photo's made up of pure natural lighting and barely any artificial lighting really create these photo's to be something special. Her photo's are such an inspiration to my own photography but also for my summer.

There are only 8 days till summer, which is super crazy because it is so soon...and this is what i want my summer to be like. Super happy and completely carefree! 

Monday, November 21, 2011


do you guys remember quite awhile ago? i posted my progress so far on this painting i was doing? (if not, then click here).... well i completely forgot to show you the final piece! this is it, i couldn't do the eyes very well but i am overall happy with this painting. i actually like the different tones of one colour, and the rough and lazy look. i think i may use this style of painting more often then.  also, since exams are finally over, and school is so close to finishing for the year i will have more time for painting, drawing and getting creating!

models like to eat

i always love seeing photo's of models eating, because it proves that the people who think that they don't, are very wrong. I also love seeing photos backstage of fashion shows stating that the models are not allowed to go on the runway if they haven't eaten beforehand. this also proves that the fashion industry do care for the models appearance and their eating lifestyle. also, looking at these photo's actually makes me hungry, that's how good some of the food looks! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011


here are just a few of my most recent photo's of amy, the only reason i took these was to use one one for my final art piece but i caught up in the moment and shot so many as usual! i decided to post these ones as they are quite different but are all natural beautiful. amy's eyes just look incredible in the first two photo's, the light is hitting her face so well!

oh and i hope you know that summer is only 10 days away, that is just over a week! i can feel the heat already, which is a great sign to an amazing summer :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


this is sophie hirschfelder also known as hirschy, she is an aussie model who is half swiss and half german. She has incredible bone structure and eyes that could kill you, but that is what makes her so fascinating. she is truly interestingly beautiful, the perfect combination.