Monday, September 26, 2011


just a small outfit post (i never do these, but i would like to do more) from today. the photos were taken from my photo booth, so they are not the best quality photos. 

anyway, i was wearing my sportsgirl plain white tee, american apparel corduroy skirt and corduroy jacket from my mums wardrobe (unknown brand). i quite like the look of the jacket and skirt togetheer, since they both are quite similar colours.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

falling to your feet

i photographed amy again today, it was a lovely day as the sun was shiny and it was not too hot but nice and warm. these shots are quite minimal and calm as only simple (and not flashy) clothing was worn.
today was a bit different though since amy's younger sister, jade, came over as well and i took some photos of her as well. i only took a couple hundred photos, which is actually not much but out of those couple hundred, i got some really good shots! 
as i basically always do, i didn't use the flash much in any of these photo's because i like the softness of each photo when no flash is used. it really gives these shots such a beautiful effect.
more photos will be up later, enjoy x

Thursday, September 22, 2011

oh mann!

just a few of photo's on how life should be spent (maybe not by young children though).
Sally Mann is truly an unbelievable photogrpaher, and her photos of young (sometimes naked) children who are set free, playing around in the dirt and really having a great time are truly inspiring. these photos actually remind me of a hippy (camping) festival i go to every year; they are so beautiful. only if life was like this, and we were all hippy-like, we would all be so happy and carefree!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i am a little bit obsessed with these 'this is' products, they are all just so simple but effective. they are all very minimal jewelery that have their own unique charm. my favourite is the second last item, it is such an awesome bangle! i love how there are different spots of colours onto the all black colour. sadly these beauties are quite expensive (well expensive for me), as they range from $50 - $200.
okay, since this post is a little on the creative side already, i thought i would post this painting i did recently. it is not that amazing since it is only a trial for the main piece for art at school. i have used acrylic paint and a palette knife instead of a brush. i really like the look of a palette knife and also when it is dry it feels very rough. my inspiration for this piece is Ben Quilty. he is an amazing Australian artists who paints massive interesting paintings using a palette knife. all his paintings are incredible, as they are so cool!
Ben Quilty

Saturday, September 3, 2011

lost and free

just a quick couple of shots of my painting so far (i still have a lot to go), but i think it is going quite well at the moment. i guess i am using a loose and free brush stroke, so this painting is not just 'smooth and perfect' and i like the rough look of it. well, i don't really know what else there is to say but i guess if you have any questions just ask!

oh and also, just thought i would let you know that there are only 88 days till summer!

Friday, September 2, 2011

feel the sun on my skin

the collage above is the first collage i have ever made using paint. so i am sorry it is clearly not the best, but hey it is the photos placed in it that count, yeah?

it was the second day of spring today and i am definitely happy that the sun has come out to shine. oh but yesterday was not a good way to start spring (like always), as it was cold, windy and i was not in a good mood! although today has definitely cheered me up, the sun was shining, the flowers were blossoming and it just felt like a real spring day.

but to be truly honest, i just want to skip spring and fast forward straight to SUMMER! and i am so excited, because there are only 89 days tilll summer comes to melbourne! so..i am kind of planning to do a countdown from now on, so even if it's not a proper post i will be sure to write how many days till summer are left - so get ready!