Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Edita Vilkeviciute by Lachlan Bailey

I have seen bits and pieces of this shoot floating around tumblr but never the whole set, so.. i am very glad i finally came across the photographer. Lachlan Bailey's work is so raw and sharp yet somehow soft and beautiful. I love when i see photography like this, simple photography really captures my eye... plus Edita looks absolutely incredible in these photo's, as she always does! there is something really special about her. her face is perfect and her limbs go on forever. i can bet you that some of these photo's will be going up on my wall very soon! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 happy valentines day to all the lovers out there!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

pink & blue

 Russh issue 44, Vogue Australia March 2012, vintage Levi shorts (with newly cut pockets), viva la juicy perfume, leather journal 


Christina Dietze (of SRC783) photographed by Daniel Luxford 

I instantly fell in love with these photo's from the moment I laid my eye on them. the soft background really contrast with the sharp figure but it still works because of how beautiful and natural the colours are.

I knew I would adore the work of Daniel Luxford from only looking at this particular shoot (and I was right, his photography is stunning)! just like this set of photo's, Daniel only uses very natural colours. the use of the natural colours is brilliant, and the way he creates the figure to stand out is extremely effective! I will most definitely be posting more of his work!

Christina Dietze is also a gem! one of the reasons I love her look is of course her wonderful cheek bones and jaw line. I have loved her blog for a long time, and was devastated when it disappeared... but SHE'S BACK (and brunette), with her new website (which is coming soon) as well as her brand new magazine which will be available soon in all general pants stores! gosh, i am actually so excited!! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


i seriously cannot get over how amazing this beautiful girl's eyes are, these photo's are not photoshopped one little bit and you can still see the crystal blue colour from a mile away! she has prodigious bone structure as well. her diamond faced shape amazes me and her jaw line is just incredible. she is just so stunning, but not a plain stunning at all; she definitely is very interesting looking!

This wonderful creature's name is Karin Hansson; and she is currently with with MIKAs in Stockholm and Next model management in New York. i know she will do very well in the modeling industry, i mean, how could she not?