Sunday, October 30, 2011

forgotten - part 1

today i was going through all my photo albums on my computer and i discovered an album of amy, full of many photo's that have been forgotten... most of these photos i actually never posted either. well i guess now it is time to post all these photos, so i hope you enjoy!
There are more photo's to come, so just be patient because they will be posted soon!

Also i have a four day weekend at the moment, which includes tones of studying, resting and then trick or treating so there will definitely be some personal photos coming.

I Hope you are all having a great day, and don't forget that there is only 31 days till SUMMER, so get excited!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

home, sick

today i was home, sick and what is better to do when there is nothing to do than take millions of photos of yourself, cleaning your bedroom, reading some magazines, tanning in the sun and online shopping! oh and i also had to study for my exams which are coming up in 3 weeks!!
 just casually taking some photos with my dog on photo booth
then off i went outside to take some more photos of myself

 of course i did some online shopping and bought these beautiful shoes for only $20 off urban outfitters, but then in the end it cost $50 because shipping it  to down under is so expensive! well, i don't mind because $50 is a pretty good price for shoes like these and before they were on sale they were $80 so i think it was a good choice!

 Ndebele Homestead, South Africa
then like everyday i went on tumblr (the link is at the bottom of my blog), and the photos right above are some of my favourites that i reblogged today. these photos are all so beautiful and colourful! i really like learning about different cultures and people's traditions, every country is completely different but they are all so incredible in their own ways! one day i hope to be travelling and exploring places that are extrodinary with my camera by my side so that a shot will never missed but right now i am in bed feeling not too good..

i am not going to school either tomorrow and it is meant to be nice weather so that means more 'sitting outside and doing nothing time' :-) hope you are all having a great week! and remember only 35 days till summer!! 

Monday, October 24, 2011


The fun thing about being an interior designer is completely designing your own home; it seems that Abigail Ahren definitely had a good time doing this! her home is filled with quirky objects and furniture which really stand out and bring life to her home. i am loving the odd pops of colour around her home, the bright coloured furniture just creates a happy and exciting home! my favourite item from the photos above is the blue/green table, the detail carved into it is so beautiful and the colour is just magnificent! the colour of the table is actually one of my favourite colours; if the table had some bright orange candles on top of it i would actually be in love because that sounds perfect to me! also, if you can spy her dog in the background of a few photos you will see how adorable he is. his face is just so adorable, like seriously aaaaw... 

well i am in class now, procrastinating on doing work while watching the rain pour outside! why is there rain!? it is meant to be spring, yesterday was boiling hot and the day before was freezing cold.. Melbourne weather is crazy! i just try to think about how many days till summer, and there is 37 wooo! that is just over a month, i am soo excited but now i am going back to the real world to do some school work, good bye!

by the way, i am so sorry for not updating lately!!

all photo's via The Selby

Friday, October 14, 2011

white heat

just a few shots of my favourite articles from this months russh magazine, white heat. This months magazine was really great and involved some incredible articles. I liked it because it had a summer and free feel to it especially in the article shammer break, bring it because it was basically all about what Lesley Arfin (the writer of this article) loves about australian summer. i always love the feature about what type of hairstyle is in this season, and this month it is the messy weave which i love because it is like the perfect hair style and it is messy but meant to be messy. i try so hard to get my hair to look like the ones in the photos but it just never turns out that way, it never looks as good! okay well basically the moral of this post is, if you haven't gotten this months russh then you are missing out on some great articles and amazing photos! 

oh i nearly forgot the most important thing.... 47 days till summer!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

rag & bone diy project

The rag & bone diy project is where rag & bone's favourite girls got into their jeans. No stylist, no hair and make-up, no lighting. just a girl and her camera. And rag & bone.






Rag & bone are always amazing, the clothes are always so good especially they're jeans! The rag & bone diy campaign (for their jeans) that came out earlier this year is one of my favourite campaigns ever! I love how it is so natural and each of the girls photo's are completely different from the next. my favourite shots from this campaign are the ones of Edita, Lily, Karolina or Sasha as all the photos of these models involve the sun, sand, water and of their beautiful course smiles. 

These photos really make me want summer more and more... and yes, i know i have been posting a lot about summer lately but it is just SO SOON and i am so EXCITED! seriously, summer is only 49 days away! i mean, really how can you not be excited (unless you live in the northern hemisphere..then that is just very sad). okay, well i hope you all have a lovely spring and i am sure most of you are just excited for summer as i am!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

simple but edgy

yesterday i wore an outfit you would probably see freja beha wearing, something "simple but edgy" although she would probably take out the pink jumper and add in one of her awesome leather jackets. she would also wear some big black chunky biker boots with look like this but i chose to go with the softer side of riding boots.

okay, so i think i should apologize for the lack of posting, i actually have no reason posting except of the lack of inspiration. i guess it's just one of those fazes, that will hopefully go away soon! i also know that this post definitely does not make up for lack of posting, since it is very boring post but i had nothing less. so, at least it's something! 
pink cut out jumper - General Pants
black skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
plain white tee - Sportsgirl
Riding boots - Windsor Smith