Monday, October 24, 2011


The fun thing about being an interior designer is completely designing your own home; it seems that Abigail Ahren definitely had a good time doing this! her home is filled with quirky objects and furniture which really stand out and bring life to her home. i am loving the odd pops of colour around her home, the bright coloured furniture just creates a happy and exciting home! my favourite item from the photos above is the blue/green table, the detail carved into it is so beautiful and the colour is just magnificent! the colour of the table is actually one of my favourite colours; if the table had some bright orange candles on top of it i would actually be in love because that sounds perfect to me! also, if you can spy her dog in the background of a few photos you will see how adorable he is. his face is just so adorable, like seriously aaaaw... 

well i am in class now, procrastinating on doing work while watching the rain pour outside! why is there rain!? it is meant to be spring, yesterday was boiling hot and the day before was freezing cold.. Melbourne weather is crazy! i just try to think about how many days till summer, and there is 37 wooo! that is just over a month, i am soo excited but now i am going back to the real world to do some school work, good bye!

by the way, i am so sorry for not updating lately!!

all photo's via The Selby

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