Thursday, June 28, 2012

starry eyed: Part 1

Kate photographed by me

Weekend in Tassie: Day 2 aka MONA

On the second and final day of the art tour last weekend we visited MONA aka the museum of old and new art! it was absolutely incredible, and i saw so many wonderful pieces, including kathryn del barton (last two images) who i love! there were also some really odd and strange pieces that were gross and some even made you question what actually is art. I did enjoy MONA very much, it was a fascinating museum and unlike any that i had ever seen before. i hope to go back to tasmania sometime in the future, and explore because even though it is such a quiet state it really is quite beautiful

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend in Tassie: Day 1

Salamanca Market

The University Of Tasmania
 aka the home of the coolest painting studios ever!

Our room in the youth hostel with a single hanging globe
this weekend i went on a school trip with 19 other year 11 and 12 art students, and it was heaps of fun. on the first day we visited salamanca markets which were awesome and i got this really cool spoon ring with a face on it (first image)! we also went to the art building part of the university of tasmania which use to be an old jam factory, and it was awesome. the building was actually soo cool and the art studios were amazing, i actually want one so badly! my next post will be day 2 of this tour, which involved going to MONA (museum of old & new art), it was actually so fascinating. i hope everyone had a great weekend, and that it wasn't too cold (unlike tassie which was FREEZING)!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ghosts of Gustav Klimt

ever since I saw Klimt's beautiful pieces in the Vienna Exhibition last year, I have learnt to admire them so much! his work is absolutely incredible, he used wonderful colours (including actual gold) and created such interesting patterns. seeing his paintings in real life rather than on the internet is something completely different, when you're up close the detail is so wicked! 

when i first saw these photos on i immediately fell in love with them. not only does it involve Kilmt's work but the use of a projector onto the bare skins was rather beautiful and definitely inspirational. i have seen similar photos where a picture has been projected onto skin, but these are definitely my favourites. they have inspired me to do something very similar in the future, not only involving artist's paintings but also incredible photos (or even my art haha.. not likely but that would be cool)!!