Monday, June 11, 2012

all things magical

Today i have been home, sick all day (on a public holiday).... how perfect, well not really but this gave me the chance to catch up on some Skins episodes! i have always loved skins, how they are all so carefree and just the whole concept of their lives really fascinates me. i love the parties that they go to! they always seem so much fun and in the episode i was watching today (season 6, episode 7), one party really caught my eye, and no it wasn't the party held by the 14 year old haha... it was the peter pan themed party at the very start, first of all i love dress up parties because it's so much fun just to pretend to be something completely different for a night. i also love the story of peter pan, especially the most recent movie where it wasn't cartoon (because of peter pan hehe). so basically i thought this theme was definitely magical, i am even thinking for my 17th i should have this theme (even though it is in like 9 months)... anyway, i hope everyone is spending their queen's birthday monday doing something fabulous!


  1. I hope you have watched season 1 and 2 of the uk skins.
    It is by far the best and I suggest you watch them all if you haven't!

    And about your birthday party, themed ones are by far the best! And it is never too early to begin planning :)

    1. yes of course i have watched them! i agree, the latest series isn't as good as the ones before. i do love generation 1, it was really good and cassie will always be my favourite but i think season 3 is my favourite season! xx

  2. i wish people threw parties like this where i lived
    and skins <3 seriously my favorite show