Sunday, May 29, 2011


i don't think i have properly introduced my self, so here it goes:
My name is Jordana, but I prefer Jordie. I am 15, so i am still at school. I like anything to do with art and i love everything t do with fashion. I have always wanted to be a model but i don't think that will happen, i kind of wish it will though. this blog is about what inspires me, models i like and also some personal photos, as well as outfit posts (an outfit post will hopefully come soon). there you go, just a quick intro about this blog and myself. hope you enjoy it x

Thursday, May 26, 2011

in all white

currently i have been obsessing with minimalism, and white is the first word when i think of minimalism. white is so simple but so effective, it is the perfect colour (shade). it is currently all over my tumblr. hopefully my room will be also be covered in white when i start redecorating it in the holidays. i can't wait because finally i will feel relaxed in my room.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

sitting at my desk

at the moment all i am doing is sitting at my desk, drinking hot chocolate and not thinking about anything school related. i wish everyday was like this, i wish i didn't have to worry about school at all. i want to go back to year 1 or 2, where nothing was important and you didn't have worry about anything. In a couple of weeks i have exams coming up, so i will be studying a lot so this means i will not be blogging a lot on here or my tumblr.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

home garden

lately i have been really inspired to involve some type of greenery in my room. the pictures above are just only a few photos i really love. My bedroom is all in a white/cream colour which will really bring out the colour of the plants. i am hoping to buy some small plants, and maybe a cactus. the only problem is finding the time and trying to keep them alive.