Sunday, May 29, 2011


i don't think i have properly introduced my self, so here it goes:
My name is Jordana, but I prefer Jordie. I am 15, so i am still at school. I like anything to do with art and i love everything t do with fashion. I have always wanted to be a model but i don't think that will happen, i kind of wish it will though. this blog is about what inspires me, models i like and also some personal photos, as well as outfit posts (an outfit post will hopefully come soon). there you go, just a quick intro about this blog and myself. hope you enjoy it x


  1. You will be a model, you're 15, you're 168 cm, with that height you already can be model and I know you will.
    Since little i want be model, i'm almost 14, i'm 161cm, it's obviously I won't be model cause if I grow up more will be just a little. So i will never be a model as I wish.
    So you're lucky! I wish you good luck.

  2. thankyou but i do not really have the face of one, which matters..