Tuesday, June 12, 2012

winter wish list 1

One Teaspoon

Mink Pink

today i went shopping for a dress for my friends formal which i am going to, it was very last minute since the formal is only one week way! (eeek :-) i am so excited, well more for the after party haha).. and of course i got sidetracked and decided to try on a few extra pieces of clothing, including these lovely ones above! i thought all 4 items were perfect for winter, but unfortunately they did not fit into my price range. the Mink Pink pair of pants did though, but they were too big on me and the One Teaspoon pair nearly did but i decided not to waste my money on it. then finally there was the Ksubi dress and leather pants, oh boy these just felt amazing on! of course though they were extremely expensive, over $800 for the leather pants and over $400 for the dress and now this is why i got a job! YES, that's right! i finally got a job, and i start on thursday, so let's hope the cash starts coming in... but for now i am still unable to purchase these wonderful items, so that is why they are on my winter wish list (which i will update all through winter)!

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