Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend in Tassie: Day 1

Salamanca Market

The University Of Tasmania
 aka the home of the coolest painting studios ever!

Our room in the youth hostel with a single hanging globe
this weekend i went on a school trip with 19 other year 11 and 12 art students, and it was heaps of fun. on the first day we visited salamanca markets which were awesome and i got this really cool spoon ring with a face on it (first image)! we also went to the art building part of the university of tasmania which use to be an old jam factory, and it was awesome. the building was actually soo cool and the art studios were amazing, i actually want one so badly! my next post will be day 2 of this tour, which involved going to MONA (museum of old & new art), it was actually so fascinating. i hope everyone had a great weekend, and that it wasn't too cold (unlike tassie which was FREEZING)!


  1. Those t-shirts are so cool, I love the Gustav Klimt one! You make me want to go there too.

  2. Knew you would have loved Mona, glad Tassie mostly treated you well. I think I've grown pretty immune to coldness by now, although this past weekend was actually particularly freezing - unlucky timing for you babe! Also the amount of times I've been to Salamanca yet I rarely find any remotely cool shit, exhibit A that those Klimt tee's ooh ahhhh....