Tuesday, June 19, 2012

starry eyed: Sneak Peak

Kate photographed by me
last weekend I organised a shoot with Kate aka bleegold or prettyunknownface)! i wanted this shoot to be a little different compared to my previous ones so far. instead of the sun shining, the weather was quite dark so we couldn't really involve a lot of sunlight shining through which i do normally involve in my shoots. during this shoot, i also decided to play around with stickers since i had seen many photos and editorials where the models wear lots of stickers, and i thought it would be quite interesting and fun! It was a great day and Kate was very lovely, i hope to organize another shoot with sometimes soon. I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, and tomorrow i have my friends formal which is very exciting! that also means some more personal photos will probably be coming up, which is unusual because i have been very slack lately... sorry about that!

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