Wednesday, October 12, 2011

rag & bone diy project

The rag & bone diy project is where rag & bone's favourite girls got into their jeans. No stylist, no hair and make-up, no lighting. just a girl and her camera. And rag & bone.






Rag & bone are always amazing, the clothes are always so good especially they're jeans! The rag & bone diy campaign (for their jeans) that came out earlier this year is one of my favourite campaigns ever! I love how it is so natural and each of the girls photo's are completely different from the next. my favourite shots from this campaign are the ones of Edita, Lily, Karolina or Sasha as all the photos of these models involve the sun, sand, water and of their beautiful course smiles. 

These photos really make me want summer more and more... and yes, i know i have been posting a lot about summer lately but it is just SO SOON and i am so EXCITED! seriously, summer is only 49 days away! i mean, really how can you not be excited (unless you live in the northern hemisphere..then that is just very sad). okay, well i hope you all have a lovely spring and i am sure most of you are just excited for summer as i am!

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