Wednesday, October 26, 2011

home, sick

today i was home, sick and what is better to do when there is nothing to do than take millions of photos of yourself, cleaning your bedroom, reading some magazines, tanning in the sun and online shopping! oh and i also had to study for my exams which are coming up in 3 weeks!!
 just casually taking some photos with my dog on photo booth
then off i went outside to take some more photos of myself

 of course i did some online shopping and bought these beautiful shoes for only $20 off urban outfitters, but then in the end it cost $50 because shipping it  to down under is so expensive! well, i don't mind because $50 is a pretty good price for shoes like these and before they were on sale they were $80 so i think it was a good choice!

 Ndebele Homestead, South Africa
then like everyday i went on tumblr (the link is at the bottom of my blog), and the photos right above are some of my favourites that i reblogged today. these photos are all so beautiful and colourful! i really like learning about different cultures and people's traditions, every country is completely different but they are all so incredible in their own ways! one day i hope to be travelling and exploring places that are extrodinary with my camera by my side so that a shot will never missed but right now i am in bed feeling not too good..

i am not going to school either tomorrow and it is meant to be nice weather so that means more 'sitting outside and doing nothing time' :-) hope you are all having a great week! and remember only 35 days till summer!! 


  1. these are just so beautiful! love the platforms you bought!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  2. the second photo of you is absolutely stunning!

  3. i love how you write, it's youthful and excited.