Sunday, October 9, 2011

simple but edgy

yesterday i wore an outfit you would probably see freja beha wearing, something "simple but edgy" although she would probably take out the pink jumper and add in one of her awesome leather jackets. she would also wear some big black chunky biker boots with look like this but i chose to go with the softer side of riding boots.

okay, so i think i should apologize for the lack of posting, i actually have no reason posting except of the lack of inspiration. i guess it's just one of those fazes, that will hopefully go away soon! i also know that this post definitely does not make up for lack of posting, since it is very boring post but i had nothing less. so, at least it's something! 
pink cut out jumper - General Pants
black skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
plain white tee - Sportsgirl
Riding boots - Windsor Smith