Friday, October 14, 2011

white heat

just a few shots of my favourite articles from this months russh magazine, white heat. This months magazine was really great and involved some incredible articles. I liked it because it had a summer and free feel to it especially in the article shammer break, bring it because it was basically all about what Lesley Arfin (the writer of this article) loves about australian summer. i always love the feature about what type of hairstyle is in this season, and this month it is the messy weave which i love because it is like the perfect hair style and it is messy but meant to be messy. i try so hard to get my hair to look like the ones in the photos but it just never turns out that way, it never looks as good! okay well basically the moral of this post is, if you haven't gotten this months russh then you are missing out on some great articles and amazing photos! 

oh i nearly forgot the most important thing.... 47 days till summer!!!


  1. great photo's. love the hair inspirations. xx

  2. 46 days too many, but I that makes me so fucking happy all the same!!! I agree I loved that little piece on Aussie summer (which is only the best thing ever right?) and the Hydeaway and Together Now Eds!

  3. hope you're having a killer weekend in the sun Jord! xxx

  4. I love seeing Aussie bloggers counting down the days till summer! haha

    Just shows how much apart of our culture it is.

    Loving your blog girly! Now following :)

  5. i live in europe so i have to wait TWO months to read it.. it's so unfair :(