Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Edita Vilkeviciute by Lachlan Bailey

I have seen bits and pieces of this shoot floating around tumblr but never the whole set, so.. i am very glad i finally came across the photographer. Lachlan Bailey's work is so raw and sharp yet somehow soft and beautiful. I love when i see photography like this, simple photography really captures my eye... plus Edita looks absolutely incredible in these photo's, as she always does! there is something really special about her. her face is perfect and her limbs go on forever. i can bet you that some of these photo's will be going up on my wall very soon! 


  1. seeing red leather pants everywhereee these dayssssss just wish i could pull them off D: x x xxx

  2. those red leather pants! * swoooon*

  3. Hey, your blogs are great. Check mine out if you have time, there are some posts about bindis and indian jewellery that you might like xx

  4. hiya, i dont have a tumblr but i had a few questions for you. maybe can you do a q and a post please?

    1. if you got a fjallraven kanken bag, what colors would you like?
    2. who are your favorite designers?
    3. if you could afford something from the alexander wang website, what would you choose?
    4. what is your beauty/hair routine?
    5. where are your favorite stores?
    6. how would you describe yourself?
    7. are you spiritual?

    1. i can just answer here if that is okay!

      1. i am not sure, i personally don't like those bags
      2. my current favourite designers include alex wang, emilio pucci and john rocha
      3. oh my i have no clue, probably something leather of his considering it is winter soon
      4.Skin: at night i wash my face (sometimes ex foliate), then i moisturise it oh and i also steam it daily. in the morning i quickly wash my face. then if i a have a few red spots then i apply some cover up but other than that i don't wear any make up.
      Hair: i wash my hair every few days and sometimes i will blow-dry it but others i will just let it air dry but i rarely ever straighten it. in the morning usually i will just put it in a pony tail if it's not looking its best or i leave it out. i normally don't have much time in the morning to do anything with my hair.
      5. i don't really have any favourite stores, if i see something i like then i will generally buy it no matter what the store is.
      6. i like to be happy and have a smile on my face all the time because i feel much better that way. i generally don't care what people think of me and i always try to stay positive. i do what i do for me, not for anyone else.
      7. i don't know if i would call myself spiritual, but i guess sometimes i would like to be and try to be :-)