Sunday, September 25, 2011

falling to your feet

i photographed amy again today, it was a lovely day as the sun was shiny and it was not too hot but nice and warm. these shots are quite minimal and calm as only simple (and not flashy) clothing was worn.
today was a bit different though since amy's younger sister, jade, came over as well and i took some photos of her as well. i only took a couple hundred photos, which is actually not much but out of those couple hundred, i got some really good shots! 
as i basically always do, i didn't use the flash much in any of these photo's because i like the softness of each photo when no flash is used. it really gives these shots such a beautiful effect.
more photos will be up later, enjoy x


  1. I absolutely love these photos! you're a really skilled photographer. also, amy is simply gorgeous.

  2. you are so wonderful at taking photos. and you're friend is really beautiful aswell! i loved your other post with the pictures you'd painted. i love it! you are very talented.

    feel free to come check out my blog. c: x

  3. so lovely jordie! i never use flash on my slr either, there's just something about the flash that drives my crazy! xx