Friday, September 2, 2011

feel the sun on my skin

the collage above is the first collage i have ever made using paint. so i am sorry it is clearly not the best, but hey it is the photos placed in it that count, yeah?

it was the second day of spring today and i am definitely happy that the sun has come out to shine. oh but yesterday was not a good way to start spring (like always), as it was cold, windy and i was not in a good mood! although today has definitely cheered me up, the sun was shining, the flowers were blossoming and it just felt like a real spring day.

but to be truly honest, i just want to skip spring and fast forward straight to SUMMER! and i am so excited, because there are only 89 days tilll summer comes to melbourne! so..i am kind of planning to do a countdown from now on, so even if it's not a proper post i will be sure to write how many days till summer are left - so get ready!

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