Wednesday, August 24, 2011

colour it

big and bold colours are definitely the "big thing" this season, and Jil Sander sure knows how to mix and match eye popping colours together and still create perfection! Jil Sanders s/s 11 collection is actually amazing,it is filled with gorgeous bold coloured clothing and beautiful bright lips!
I know this post is very delayed, because colour blocking hit the top of the trends a little bit of a while ago, but hey, it is better late then never! I have to tell you, to be honest I really didn't like this style at first, i thought that putting a number of bold colours together would look odd, stupid, and you would altogether look like a lolly pop on the street. 
Although, for some reason something has changed my mind. It probably was seeing so many beautiful street style photos of people wearing bright coloured clothing; every piece of clothing was worn so well and looked great! I think i need to invest in some bright coloured lipstick, a bold coloured maxi skirt, oh and of course a gorgeous coloured clutch (preferably just like the one in the third photo from the top, except all one colour). 
okay, since this post was already filled with bright, bold and colour blocking colours, i though i should add in a few things arty just to make this post really pop! The first photo of some art is so awesome but i am actually not too sure of what it is. To me, it looks like all the crayons are melting. The texture of the melted crayons would be quite smooth because a crayon is smooth, but it is actually coming off the page which really gives it a great effect! I actually love it so much, i must find out who the artist is. The last photo is not  as exiting but is till like it, because it is simple and the colours are quite bright (they do stand out from the white paper). I also can tell this piece is in watercolour, which reminds me that i need to learn how to watercolour paint. I really love the look of water colours, especially when it has dripped and is not perfect!


  1. These are so inspirational, thanks for shearing!

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  2. great post and blog!

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  4. i'm quite liking jil sander's take on colour blocking for men