Saturday, August 20, 2011

a quick one - part one

The photos above are the all the best horizontal photos that i shot of amy.

and this is how it went..
the first minute she came over, we ran upstairs and I gave her a bunch of clothes to put it on. When she had everything on we ran outside and i started taking as many photos of her as i could, even if she wasn't ready. it was crazy (we only had about 30-45mins), but it was worth it and the photos turned out pretty good for a short amount of time
I played around with the flash and then without the flash, and i have to say i much prefer not using the flash at all because it gives a soft look that i really like. There were more horizontal photos but they were personally not my favourite (if you would like me to post them, then i sure can). All the best vertical photos will be up soon. Also, sorry for the delay of putting up these photos. enjoy :)


  1. These are actually so beautiful. These photos have been floating in and about tumblr and I am so happy i saw them because it brought me to you blogs (both tumblr and blogspot). You really know how to capture a person and i love it! keep it up! :)


  2. could you tell me what camera you used to shoot these photos? and where you got that jumper from? Ps. Your photography is beautiful, as is your model of course. I particularly like the smiling happy one! Well done, it must of been fun! Feel free to reply in my ask box on my blog Thankyou!

  3. She has such stunning features, and these shots are so beautiful Jordanna! Yeah I'm the same, almost never use flash in natural light. Can not wait to see more your your stuff!! X

  4. I like your pics !
    all the best to you and Amy

    Kiss from la France