Wednesday, August 10, 2011

rose gold

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Today I was going through ASOS, they have such great clothing and shoes but their accessories are exceptional. I love all  their rings and bracelets but what really stood out was this rose gold cuff. I love how big and bold it is but I also love the colour. This rose gold colour really gave this giant cuff a feminine and lovely look to it. So I had a closer look at this cuff and realized that one of my favourite fashion bloggers has this exact piece of jewellery; Love Aesthetics (if you have not already seen this blog, you must check it out right now because it is amazing!). I then (once again) stalked her blog. I had a close look at all the outfits where she wore this beautiful cuff. Seeing this amazing cuff on an amazing girl made me want it even more; so I thought about it and I am still thinking about but I am pretty sure that I will get it. The bonus is that this cuff may look expensive but it's not! it is only $25 which is actually really good, since Sportsgirl charges the same amount for a small ring! 


  1. Rose gold jewellery is my latest obsession. Love love-aestetics blog too, you have great taste :).

    Helen, X

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