Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i have a stick on chalk board in my kitchen just like the above
today in science i had a little bit of a stalk through The Selby, it is actually the most amazing sight for room and art inspiration. this sight takes you through the homes of the most creative people. my favourite images are the photos of their own artwork, their shelves which are usually covered by books, magazines and beautiful ornaments and also having a good look at their mood board (inspirational photos, ideas, quotes etc.). I think it is time to actually redecorate my bedroom, and when i do i will be creating a mood board of my own. My room will become my own inspiration filled with amazing photos, beautiful words, and of course me (and who i am). anyways it is finally August; and only now it feels like the final half of the year has begun. so this means new beginnings for me, which will include achieving higher grades in school, actually doing my homework, meeting new people, focusing more on my art, redecorating my room, seeing more friends, going outside more, using the computer less, talking more with my mum, trying to enjoy every minute of the day, and this list goes on... I hope you all a lovely august!

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