Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i am a little bit obsessed with these 'this is' products, they are all just so simple but effective. they are all very minimal jewelery that have their own unique charm. my favourite is the second last item, it is such an awesome bangle! i love how there are different spots of colours onto the all black colour. sadly these beauties are quite expensive (well expensive for me), as they range from $50 - $200.
okay, since this post is a little on the creative side already, i thought i would post this painting i did recently. it is not that amazing since it is only a trial for the main piece for art at school. i have used acrylic paint and a palette knife instead of a brush. i really like the look of a palette knife and also when it is dry it feels very rough. my inspiration for this piece is Ben Quilty. he is an amazing Australian artists who paints massive interesting paintings using a palette knife. all his paintings are incredible, as they are so cool!
Ben Quilty

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