Saturday, November 26, 2011


cheap monday jeans, sportsgirl tee, (unknown) black transparent cardigen, urban outfitters shoes

I really like the whole black look, although each item is a completely different texture so the outfit isn't too boring! i also like wearing the urban outfitters shoes with this outfit because it gives what i am wearing a little bit of life. 

you are also probably wondering why i am wearing something like this with only 4 days till summer and i will tell you why... because i live in melbourne and one day it soo sunny and the next day it is pouring with rain! hope you are having an incredible weekend!


  1. i love this! you look lovely and your outfit is awesome! love your shoes too! ahhh melbs weather is ridiculous but that city is amazzzingggg <3 hard not to appreciate the clear blue skies, warm sun and perfect beach in my town this weekend though! x

  2. Ooh I love the cardigan! You look great and I really like your blog! Following you :)