Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i decided to create a mood/inspiration board involving a bunch photos and quotes that really inspire me and like. i was stuck at first with what to put on it but then i went through heaps of websites and finally decided what i want to put on it. i don't believe there is a theme to it but all the photo's seem to go together really well.

the photo's above are just a few of the many photo's saved on my computer that i hope to put on my pin board. these include abbey lee kershaw, hippie and carefree photos, art from allison schulnik and ben quilty, also alicia kuczman and her amazing style.

i am really into hippie things and the bohemian style so basically my mood board really reflects this. i can't wait to actually put all the photo's on it!


  1. my mood board looks so much like this!
    I involve alot of free summer feeling, and everytime I look at it I feel heat and the summer feel,
    yours would turn out amazing