Friday, November 11, 2011

the perfect room

white brick walls, wooden floors, large windows, fairy lights, some greenery, scented candles, clean white sheets and a place to think. this is my perfect room, so what is your ideal room?

sorry for the lack of posting, school work and exam studying has taken over my life at the moment so i will try and make up for it as soon as possible! oh and now there are only 19 days till summer!!! so that is very exciting, and i'm sure you all can't wait!! x


  1. love every single photo<3

  2. Every room looks so dreamy and fresh and perfect, but man I would KILL for Daria's pad. KIILLLLL. 19 days until summer is the bets news I've heard all week, excepty for the fact that there's only 22 more days of high school for me ever... life's looking good ay! Heheh x

  3. oh yes perfect rooms right there.
    My perfect ideal room?
    A spacy room with large windows with a day bed by there. And blackboard walls. Thats what I'm planning to do in the summer break! So whenever I feel inspires i'll just draw, and draw, and draw.

  4. aw thanks for your lovely comments! yep, those bike stands are on lygon street i'm pretty sure! they are right outside a coffee shop is all i remember specifically though. they were rad x

  5. those rooms are perfection. i would probably just lie in bed and do nothing productive, which would most likely turn out to be a rather negative thing. keep posting, your blog's lovely xx