Wednesday, November 16, 2011

colour my summer

summer is so near, can you believe it is only 14 days away? i can even tell it's close because i got a mozzie bite the other day (the first one is so so long)!!

these photo's basically just scream summer! the colours, the clothing, the joy in their faces, everything about these photo's just makes me want to jump into the screen and live their moments! these photo's are actually a few months old (when the US has their summer) and i have been looking for the whole collection for months! yesterday, somehow, i finally found them! The photographer is Giffen Clark Ott, and his photo's are all so sharp and beautiful so you should definitely check them out! i wish my summer would be just like these photo's portray, full of happiness and excitement with all my 
friends. i am soo ready for Summer!!!

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