Tuesday, November 1, 2011

modern lovers

i have recently discovered the photographer Christophe Kutner, and my favourite project of his so far is "modern lovers." all his photographs are beautiful but this project is  so amazing and natural. I love how all the photo's are in black and white, black and white photographs are always so lovely. every photo is free and lively yet relaxed and calm, which is what i really like about these photos'. it makes me wish for summer so much more, and a summer like this would extraordinary. somewhere deserted and alone with a bunch of friends, that is true bliss.

One thing i can tell from this project is that he has used no flash in any of the photographs, which i love because using natural light brings out the beauty of each photograph so well!

Another thing that i adore about these photographs is the use of Rachel Rutt, now she is the definition of pure natural beauty! i envy her so much! the way she is photographed in these photos are amazing and she just works so well with this project!

There are now only 29 days till summer, which is less then a month so i am very excited! hope you all enjoy these photos just as much as i do, and i hope you have a lovely week!