Sunday, July 10, 2011

drawing yuri

on friday night i started to draw yuri pleskun (the photo of him with the black eye). at first it was quite a breeze because i only started with one side of the face but when i went to draw the other half of the face i struggled quite  a bit. i could not get both his eyes the same shape and on the same line, and then on the right eye i kept rubbing it out and drawing it again so soon the paper started to crinkle (it was so close to ripping!). I don't think it looks exactly like him, but i know that i was pretty close. I have a whole list of models to draw next, so i will keep you updated with my upcoming drawings. for next time i also have to remember to do both eyes at the same time so that i do not have a lot of trouble like i did in this drawing.


  1. I always wanted to kno how to draw. My problem was to learn how to color inside the lines, still to this day I fuck up. But this was pretty random seeing this and I just felt like I should say something.. U did a pretty good job girl, keep doin ya thing, don't stop.. Thanx for using me as a subject, I'm humbled..

    - Y.P.

  2. wait omg thats so cool. motherfucking yuri pleskun replied to this post^

  3. Yuri is an amazing model. I wish i looked like him. I really do. You captured him very well by the way :)