Wednesday, July 6, 2011

she's thin, she's blonde, she says wow a lot.

photo overload below

on everybody's holiday break they deserve a 'do nothing day' and that day for me includes staying in bed all day watching as many tv shows as possible. one of those shows must be skins, especially generation 1 because it will always be the best generation. recently i have been obsessing over cassie from skins generation 1. she is by far my all time favourite character from all the generations, i just can't get over her strange but bubbly personality. the greatest part about her is obviously her relationship with sid but also her wonderful but crazy sense of style. i just love everything about her.

so it is currently my winter holidays, and this consists of many 'do nothing days', but also catching up with friends, going shopping, rearranging my room and doing a small amount of homework. oh, like wow lovely - as cassie would say.

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  1. Ahhh gen one and cass, love love love. Like wow. And YES OC = so worth watching babes, maybe even better than Skins!