Wednesday, December 21, 2011

plain face

i found a pack of watercolour paints in the garage the other day, so i thought i would give them a go. i have never done a full watercolour painting, so these were my very first proper watercolour paintings ever. i actually really enjoyed doing them, as i did them in less than 30 minutes and didn't get bored at all.. plus there was no mess at all which was definitely a bonus!


  1. these are wonderful, you did a really beautiful job! they'll look great in your room or house, such beautiful art x

  2. how good is the black and white one Jord, those eyes..

  3. wow, these are so good. you have talent ! you have a great blog

    btw. where did you get your title ? like what font and website did you use ?

  4. hey cathy, thank you!

    It is just a font that is already part of the blogspot template design, i am not too sure what it is called but it is pretty easy to find

  5. you are honestly so talented lovelyXXX

  6. you are amazing!
    I do alot of art aswell, but I find it really hard to get inspired as to what I should draw or paint.
    I have trouble starting, but once I do get started I just lose myself in my art, and I love it when that happens. But only rarely this happens!
    So I was just asking for some advice, as to how you find inspiration :)
    p.s you would become an amazing artist

  7. me to lovely! but i chose something i would like to do, and i found the watercolours so i was like why not and gave it a risk! i had no clue if i would like it or not but i did and i am glad i did.

    thank you so much by the way xx

  8. these are so amazing, you have so much talent! i love using watercolor, cool that you did them in monotone color palettes :) xx