Wednesday, September 19, 2012

do nothing day

homemade quinoa salad, so YUM and healthy too!

vanilla and caramel candle, it actually smells incredible

my new mint green jumper from sportsgirl, which resembles the acne jumper which i adore! (below)

it is currently my spring school holidays at the moment, and i am very lucky to have 3 weeks whilst most schools have only 2! this is good for me but also a bit annoying, because majority of my friends still have school this week. although i guess it means it is a good time for me to relax and do nothing without feeling guilty of not seeing my friends, and maybe i should do a bit of homework as well as studying too...  

these holidays i will not abandon my blog (sorry about that haha...), because hopefully i will be blogging quite  a bit with more inspiration, my own photography and maybe even some new outfit posts. i recently went shopping, and will do some more so that's exciting!

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