Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Usually i am not such a big fan of abstract art where all you see is a mess of colour and line, but the pieces above i am just in love with! Mark Chadwick has used a brilliant mix of coloured paint using all different tools to create texture, swirls and all kinds of shapes. these pieces are absolutely incredible, i am such a huge fan of his artwork and even though they are just colours i can see images within them (maybe that is just me though...). i feel like each painting has a story, whether it be peoples faces, or even an explosion... (that's me trying to be deep haha, which is so not working!) well, i hope one day i will be able to create beautiful abstract art without looking like it's created by a 3 year old!

also i am really sorry for the lack of posts lately, i have been super busy with school but more posts will becoming soon! i hope everyone is having a great week xx

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